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Since it’s inception in June 2004 Lubriformance has dedicated itself to bringing new solutions to the forefront for the Fuel and Lubricant Distributor. 

This is of greater importance today due to the fact of the ever-changing fuel market. Low Sulfur Fuels, Bio-diesels, and other Alternative Fuels require a different approach with additive packages to achieve optimum performance in the finished fuel. Fuels today are much more complex to treat and therefore need constant updating of technology advancements.

Because of this highly competitive environment, Lubriformance offers a wide variety of marketing support for its customers with point of sale material, on-site testing and sales and product training.

Machinery and equipment requirements are also becoming more specialized. OEM’s are now requiring a higher level of performance due to the advancements of providing efficiency for their equipment to meet environmental and production standards that are more rigid than ever before. Lubriformance incorporates the highest quality base oils with the most advanced additive packages to meet and exceed these requirements.


Our un-wavering commitment is to provide you with superior products and service at an affordable cost.

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