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Fuel Treatments

The Fuel Distributor and End User face more challenges today than ever before. With the onset of ever changing environmental regulations and the advent of alternative fuels, fuel performance and economy are on the decline. TNT Fuel Additives were developed to meet these demands. Lubriformance TNT Fuel Additives will improve winter operation, disperse moisture, add lubricity, and increase horsepower and fuel economy. Lubriformance also has specially designed products for Biodiesel and biocides to eliminate bacteria.

Our specially designed fuel treatments will eliminate problems with water and phase separation in ethanol blended gasolines. These uniquely designed products will stabilize the fuel for increased performance and fuel storage life.

                                       Key Benefits of Diesel                             Key Benefits for Gasoline                              Increasing Cetane                                   Disperses Water
                 Lowering Pour Point                                 Prevents Phase Separation
                 Lowering Cold Filter Plug Point                Removes Gum and Varnish
     Adds Lubricity                                           Lubricates Injectors
             Disperses Moisture                                   Increases Fuel Economy
     Eliminating Harmful Deposits

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